Hidden deep within the explosions and fissures of the lava fields of Samoa the Methodist mission house of 1905 can be relocated, buried under fifteen feet of lava, still standing as evidence of a colonial past. Each image in 'Navigators II:Home' is a digital composite of up to fifteen negatives. The landscape has been contracted and expanded to emphasise its characteristics and narrative potential, pulled and pushed between truth and fiction to aid our understanding of this particular history. The work asserts the manipulative possibilities of digital imagery within contemporary photographic practice as sympathetic and enriching.

An exterior landscape of magma hides within its fissures wild, tropical, organic life that grows prolifically over walls and doorways, windows and crevices. The interiors explore one square room of the Methodist Mission house with ephemeral walls floating out of architectural drawings from the archives into the present. 'Navigators II:Home' is a search for evidence of the volcanic tragedy of 1905 within contemporary Samoa, bringing home my great grandfather's house from the South Seas. The work extends our current photographic documentation of this awesome event.

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All images © Sara Gadd 2003